We can make multiple daily visits while you are on vacation, business travels, or if you just have a long day planned and just need a quick potty break/feeding.  We will be sure to take care of feeding, refilling fresh water, and providing lots of love and attention for your pets. A walk outside or playtime / pottytime in the yard for dogs. Playtime inside for cats, too.  Washing pets’ dishes, giving treats, clean-up of any indoor pet messes, including litter boxes, and administering medications. A courtesy text on first visit to let you know that everything is fine and daily after that!


30 Mintue drop in*: $29 

45 Mintue Visit* : $44

60 Minutes Visit*:  $59

More time can always be added to visits in 15 minute 

increments for $14* ea


Do you have especially nervous fur-babies?  Are your pets in a crate during the daytime hours? We will spend quality time with your pet during an overnight stay . Pet parents will receive real time text and/or email updates about their pets and enjoy their travels knowing their pets are in the most capable, reassuring care. We also bring in the mail, take out and bring trash cans in, water plants, etc, keeping yout routine at home.  

Sleepovers*: $95 per night


Administering Medicine 

If your pet requires medicines while you are away, no worries - We are comfortable & experienced doing so!

Housesitting/Home Care: 

Bringing in mail/newspapers/packages, watering indoor plants, and putting out a standard amount of trash on trash day. Turning on/off home alarm systems, turning on/off lights inside and outside the home, opening/closing shades or blinds, checking inside the home for anything unusual, adjusting the a/c or heat, and flushing toilets / running faucets, if requested.  $20-$50 daily 

Hotel Pet Sitting

Staying at a local pet-friendly hotel in town?  We can help care for your pets there!  Pet sitting visits, midday dog walking, or hourly care.                              (Above daily rates apply) 

Pet Transportation

Need us to take your pet to the vet or groomer?   A friend or family member's house? I will help by transporting them safely to their destination.

  $20 & up

Wedding Pet Care

Need help with your dog at your wedding?  Don't make family or friends be responsible for your dog.  We can help!  

$100 and up 

Day-cations (Constant Care)

Does your pet need someone to stay with them for a couple hours or more at a time?    This service may be for you - We will come and stay with your pet, feed, play, walk and provide hourly companionship for them.  $40/hr  ( price can vary) 

*Holiday rates apply (+$10 per visit) 

Remember, The sitters give up time with their families to be there for yours.